Considering Custom Beer Labels? Here are Some Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Considering Custom Beer Labels? Here are Some Essential Do’s and Don’ts

The booming of the craft beers has made store shelves to go extremely competitive. As the number of breweries is increasing and shelving their products; it has become increasingly difficult for them to attract the customer’s attention. The way out is branding for which the custom beer labels play a crucial role. We thus lay out a few do’s and don’ts that would make your product stand out from the crowd.


  • The first point of consideration is to choose the correct and specialized material for your product label. The right material will create enough interest and curiosity amongst the customers and intrigue them enough to go ahead and pick up your beer bottle from the shelf to explore further. It increases the probability of them going home with your beer can or bottle.
  • The second is to add decorative effects to your beer. Who would want to look at boring and simple labels? You need to shed a conventional approach here and get a little creative.  You can take inspiration from a vintage design, add a sign that would look cool or remind the person of rich local history. Adopting embossed printing or hot foil stamping will add extra texture to the label which will entice the customers to touch it. You can also opt for cheap but effective solutions like using metalized material and white ink to create the same foul like effect.
  • Make your product go as green as possible, right from its bottle to its label. With the craze for the green movement rising each day; it would give your product an added advantage.

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  • The first precaution you must exercise is never to violate the ABLA or the Alcoholic Beverage label Act. For instance, the law required you always to print the warning of potential health risk to be present on every alcohol sold. There are several other laws to adhere to. To be on the safe side; you must always consult a legal professional.
  • You must never wait too long to find a good designer or even settle for cheap designs. It would make your entire branding and marketing efforts to go down the drain. Always opt for approved label designers who would create something eye-catching and exciting label for your product.
  • Finally, you must never choose the wrong printing company. The right service can male all the difference to your product.

With these tips; you would increase your chances of success.

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