Highlighting Features of Malta Residency

Highlighting Features of Malta Residency

Malta has been a popular European destination for several reasons, including excellent air links. The island is an attractive destination to live in or have a second home. Malta is a prominent member of the European Union and the Schengen zone. As a Maltese resident, you can travel freely anywhere in the Schengen Zone and benefit from the free trade opportunities within the European Union.

Several Malta residency schemes are available for individuals from Europe, Switzerland, and third countries. Most of the Maltese residency programs involve investments and a fast process. You can gain the right to live in Malta indefinitely with your family. The best part of Malta residency is that you do not need to live on the island.

Maltese residency offers many benefits for you and your entire family once you have received your permit. Your close family members are also entitled to apply for their residency permit via a Malta family reunification. You can add your spouse and children under 18.

It is also possible to apply for your unmarried dependent offspring between 18 and 26. Yours or your spouse’s dependent parents and grandparents can also be a part of your family in Malta by acquiring a Malta residency permit.

The Maltese golden residency program is known for being the fastest among European countries. The process is straightforward and usually takes up to 45 days. It requires you to pay a non-refundable fee of €5500 when submitting your Malta residency application.

The Malta residency application form includes rigorous due diligence checks. Upon application approval, you will pay for the required investments and subsequently get your Malta residence permit. Applying for Malta residency will also require you to travel to the island once during the procedure to register your biometric data. As mentioned earlier, your family members can also obtain Malta residence permits using the family reunification procedure after the primary applicant gets the residency permits.

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