Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

 Retail packaging refers to articles packed to be sold in the retail store. It is also called the original box, as this is what the customer sees on the shelf before buying the product. The packaging has to carry information on contents and certain legal information. It also carries user instruction in it. The retail package is sold to the customer in that package and hence ready for display in the store shelf. 

Retail and Non-retail packaging

Retail packing in simple terms is called original packaging as it is what appears to the customer on the store shelf. In contrast, Non-retail packing is bulk packaging which is used for shipping and transportation. Retail packaging is what is specifically packed for retailing in the stores. Bulk packaging is primarily for transport where on receiving the product, the distributor either transfers them onto the shelf or repacks them for further transport. 

Retail packaging 

The Retail market caters to the sale of goods to the end user and not the producers or intermediates like the wholesaler. Therefore the Retail Packaging must contain   every aspect that is required by the customer and should include branding, protection and regulation. 

What to look for when packaging for the retail market?

  1. The packaging should be staff friendly. The staff should intuitively know the product from the packaging. Easy to display, stack and store. 
  2. The consumer experience. Maximise the experience of the consumer. The consumer should be able to identify the product and pick the product easily off the shelf. Once the packaging reaches the consumer home, he should be able to easily open it and dispose the packing; there should be no hazardous item and no danger from the packing material. 
  3. Care for the design of the packaging: The packaging should enhance the value of the product and should be identifiable with it. 
  4. Keep the visual simple. This helps the customer identify the product, especially the ones with brand loyalty. The customer does not have much time for a lot of information on the product. Attention grabbers like New, Better, Improved etc.
  5. Check the retail environment. The space shelf it occupies, the other brands in place, the lighting etc all matters in designing the retail packaging. 

How to order for Retail Packaging?

The best way is to take the assistance of a reputed retail manufacturer like Netpak. However, to get the best out of your supplier, you need to do your homework. Here are a few tips that would help to achieve your goal.

Before you place your order for product packaging, considers these factors:

  • Functionality and Quality
  • Size, shape and Design.
  • Pricing
  • Storage
  • Sustainability
  • Branding


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