Why Is An External Corporate Investigator Preferred Over An Internal Counsel?

Why Is An External Corporate Investigator Preferred Over An Internal Counsel?

All big corporate companies will have internal counsel. But for issues such as information leaks, fund embezzlements, irregular accounts, criminal frauds and so on, external assistance might prove to be very productive. After all, internal counsel may not perform in the same unbiased and objective manner as an external investigative agency. Aside from that, though, there are many more pros of hiring them in comparison to going internal.

To conduct the investigation in an unbiased manner

When the matter being investigated involves high-level management authority, it is most likely that an internal counsel cannot be given the responsibility to conduct the investigation. Management, being at the topmost level of the organizational hierarchy, is capable of manipulating their way out of compromising situations through their connections, knowledge, and position. This will not take place if the situation is handled by professionals.

To ensure the credibility of the company

The presence of an external investigation team proves that the company is secure in its opinion of its employees and management. It increases confidence in the company. Not just that, an employee having some significant information to divulge in the matter can share it more freely and without doubts with an external investigator. This is difficult when an internal counsel is investigating the matter.

Solves the issue at hand quickly

Whether it is a major issue which puts the entire company at stake or whether it is a small issue which has the capacity to turn into a threatening one in the near future, an outside investigative agency is always recommended. This is because of the expertise of the external investigator, which helps in solving the issues within a short period of time. An internal counsel might take longer durations due to lack of experience.

A larger number of resources

An external agency of investigators will have the required resources in the specific areas of corporate crime, fraud, conspiracy, etc. They will not have any issue with regards to obtaining the number of individuals with the skills required to conduct an investigation or even the various tools required. A company like Aequitask has enough resources to carry out any sort of internal investigation with ease and accuracy and they can help you obtain timely results too. On the contrary, an internal counsel doesn’t have as many resources to conduct such investigations on a bigger scale so cases usually go unsolved.

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