Your Hk Company Sign Up Guide

Your Hk Company Sign Up Guide

The most typical kind of business registered in Hk is a private limited liability business. Limited liability companies have an independent legal character, limited liability because of its owners, solid public belief and the perfect structure; raising capital and relocation of ownership is a lot easier in comparison with other business formations just like sole proprietorship and cooperation. Foreign business experts refer to have this when in need of a business registration number hong Kong.

Dominated by Businesses Ordinance of Hong Kong, anyone (foreign or local) over the age of 18 can set up an Hk company. This post provides you comprehensive details about registering a private limited liability business in Hk, as well as the fundamental incorporation criteria, procedures, the timeline, post-incorporation ways and so forth. Irrespective of if, you are a local or international entrepreneur, you are highly recommended to use the services of an expert firm since firms are very well versed with the local regulations regulating businesses and are likewise skilled in managing ongoing regulation and conformity expectations.


Fundamental Requirements And Details For Hong Kong Businesses

Business Name – The company name should be authorized before you continue with the incorporation of an Hk company.

Company Directors – At least one director and unlimited maximum number of company directors allowed. The director must be an individual who could be of any nationality and do not need to be citizen of Hong Kong. Company directors should be at least 18 years of age and should not be found guilty for any malpractices. There is absolutely no requirement of the company directors to be investors. Nominee corporate company directors can also be hired besides the  director. Company directors Board meetings could be kept anywhere in the world.

Investors – An Hk Private limited organization can have a minimal one and optimum of fifty shareholders. There is absolutely no residency requirement of shareholders. A  shareholder and director could be the same or different person. The shareholder need to be at least 18 years old and may belong to any nationality. The shareholder could be a person or a business. Community or foreign shareholding is no issue. Appointment of nominee investors is allowed. Shareholders meetings can be held all over the world.

Company Secretary – Appointing a business secretary is mandatory. The secretary, if a person, must typically live in Hong Kong; or if a body organization, must have the authorized office or a location of business in Hk. It needs to be noted that in the event of a sole director/shareholder, the exact person is not able to act as the business secretary. The secretary is in charge of maintaining the statutory records and information of the business, and should also guarantee the company’s conformity with all lawful criteria. A nominee secretary can be hired.

Share Capital – Even though there is simply no minimum share capital requirement, the custom for businesses when you want a business registration number hong kong is to have at minimum one shareholder with one ordinary share introduced on the formation. Share capital could be indicated in a major foreign currency and is not limited to the Hong Kong Money alone. Stocks could be openly transferred, and must have stamps. Bearer stocks are not allowed.

Registered Address – To be able to start a Hong Kong business, you must give a local Hk address as the authorized address of the business. The registered address should be a physical address and not PO box.

Public Information – Details about organization officers and directors, investors is public information according to Hong Kong Business Laws and regulations. It is required to file information on the organization officials with the Hong Kong start a Businesses. If you want to preserve privacy, you can find a business shareholder and nominee director through the use of the services of an expert solutions company.

Taxation – Corporate tax, (or earnings tax as it is called), is placed at 16.5% of assessable earnings for businesses setup in Hong Kong. Hk comes after a territorial principle of taxation. Only earnings, which happen in or derived from Hk are susceptible to tax in Hong Kong. There is absolutely no capital benefits tax, withholding tax on payouts, or VAT in Hong Kong. To get more information on business taxes, make reference to Hong Kong Company Tax guideline.

Hiring A Expert Services Company

The specialist services company involved with your company development will routinely look after all the necessary needs to get a business registration number hong kong from the start to the end. Finding a qualified and service focused firm is essential, as the bond is a long lasting and continual one. The company you hire can:

  • Collect the required incorporation information and identifications files a person.
  • Book the business name of your decision and put together the required incorporation files (incorporating Article of Association) that will have to be filed with Organization
  • Registrar. You have to sign these files.
  • Document the incorporation files with the company Registrar and get License of
  • Incorporation.
  • Get Business Registration Certificate.
  • Aid the customer with opening of banking account.

Put together the following for the venture you are starting:

  • Primary seal off and stamps
  • Share certificate
  • Statutory books
  • Aid with processing for visa, business licenses, regular legitimate conformity, and every year filings as desired.


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